The Future is SMART

Continually ranked in one of the top 10 vacation destinations, Maui’s vacation rental market is both competitive and crowded. Online reviews are empowering travelers to find and book the best units driving property owners to improve their units’ curb appeal.  Faced with a rapidly changing market, those that don’t address these influences miss out on maximizing their revenue from bookings.

So what do S.M.A.R.T vacation rental owners do to stay ahead?

  • S=Sensible
  • M=Maintenance
  • A= Allocated
  • R=Regularly &
  • T= Timely

S.M.A.R.T vacation rental owners continually transform their investment properties to keep them visually appealing and comfortable – updated livable spaces that attract new guests and repeat business with ease!

My clients trust me to make the difference

Aloha, I’m Kimberly Scott, owner of Condo Centric Maui. I began my refinishing services in 1999 as the “Stripper”. My initial desire was to meet people who needed to extend the life of their furniture. I loved the challenge -uncovering the issues and fixing them!

Today the focus is still the same. With our expanded services we help condo owners get the most out of their vacation rental properties by finding solutions and solving problems.  We offer valuable insight to reach room rental standards, resolve condo deficiencies and avoid poor reviews and complaints. 

Condo Centric Maui can do everything from valuable assessments, bidding and scheduling projects, preventative maintenance and more. Whether renovating an entire condo or in need of a simple room makeover, we can help design and execute your interior checklist before that next rental.

Click around our site and see all the ways that we can make your condo the best it can be.