We’re Here For Your Every Need


“We bring you peace of mind”

Condo Centric Maui is Hawaii’s only “Rental Ready” project manager offering vacation owners and property managers a multitude of interior services in a time sensitive market. Our trusted expertise can tackle your everyday needs from a simple chair repair to a complete condo renovation.

We believe a properly appointed unit is essential to the successful vacation rental. It’s a simple formula; our recommendations come from a practical punch list of best practices. With a detailed plan in motion, we collaborate with condo owners to achieve competitive and up- to-date interiors for growth in occupancy and a strong online presence.

See the projects page for some dramatic befores and afters.

By upholding our company’s core values of friendly and responsive service, quality finishes and reliability we build long term relationships to continually reconnect with our clients. By being personable we instill trust and integrity in the vacation rental industry and within our ever growing customer base.

We can bring you peace of mind and help you take care of your Maui Dream!